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Welcome to the Club Ready DJ Course Online DJ Affiliate Program! Are you interested in joining our team as an affiliate for one of the fastest growing online DJ courses on the planet? Do you have a website or social platform with traffic related to the music or DJing industry or do you have the passion to generate leads? If you answered yes, then apply as an affiliate today to see if you are a fit with our program. Earn commissions while helping future DJs learn to gain confidence and play live at a professional standard.

Program Highlights

  • Joining our program is free. There are no startup costs.
  • $25 Signup Bonus - No Website Required. Get a head-start on your earnings with a $25 signup bonus when your application is approved.
  • Earn up to $50 USD commission for every lead that purcahses the course.
  • Custom affiliate dashboard so you track clicks, subscriptions, sales generated, and commissions earned in realtime.
  • Marketing collateral: Unique affiliate links, texts ads, banners, videos, and emails.
  • Commissions paid out monthly.
  • Dedicated support when you need it!

Getting Started

To get started simply fill out the form, agree to our affiliate program terms and conditions and submit the form. It's that simple!

You will receive an approval email once your account is approved which contains your affiliate ID, login information, and the $25 signup bonus.

Note: You can apply the $25 signup bonus towards the minimum $100 payout threshold. This means once you have accumulated an additional $75 in commissions you will be able to cash out the full amount of $100.

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Affiliate Enrollment Application

Please provide us with the following information to help us get you started right away.

Example: https// Example: https// Examples: Website, Social Page, Email Campaigns, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Etc.

What's Inside The Course

Club Ready DJ Course Image

Club Ready DJ Course

Create unshakeable foundations and the skills needed to perform live.

Over 35 video tutorials with step by steps and cheat sheets.

Advanced Course Image

3 x Advanced Courses

Take your skills to a professional level using your preferred genre.

Over 25 video tutorials with step by steps and cheat sheets.

Performance Plus Image

Performance Plus

Craft the perfect set, 3 deck challenges and advanced FX.

Over 25 video tutorials with step by steps and cheat sheets.

Club Pack Image

Club Pack

Industry tips and insights to get you into clubs.

Over 25 video tutorials with step by steps and cheat sheets.

The Complete Package

The Complete PackageImage